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Szilárd Holló
Weightlifters competed in Ózd

Ózd - The city was host to another prestigious event at the end of the week, as the István Marosi Sports Hall organised this year's national adolescent & youth weightlifting championship ​​on behalf of the Hungarian Weightlifting Association, the Weightlifting & Fitness Club of Ózd (Ózdi SFC) and the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén.

The European Youth Championship of these age groups will be held in September 22-30 in Pristina, Kosovo and the national association will be able to enter the best ones to the championship with the results achieved here.

Mr. Imre Dobos, President of the HWA, Mr. László Tarkó, General Vice President of the HWA were present at the national chamionship, as well as Mr. Dávid Janiczak, Mayor of Ózd. Naturally, the county clubs (Kazincbarcikai VSE, Ózdi SFC, Abaújszántói VSE, Tiszaújváros SC, Szerencs VSE) were there among the participants.

Szilárd Holló (Kazincbarcikai VSE) - the gold medal front-runner in his weight category (youth, +94 kg) - didn't take part in the tournament in his age group and wasn't on the podium due to medical reasons.

Source: www.boon.hu

Dancing Weights

In his age group he won European championship medals and among the elders - the 15-year-old weightlifter, Szilárd Holló - broke the European Record. The young man who has a top performance in school and in sports performs dance at a high standard, too.

The fate of the 15-year-old Szilárd Holló was decided in his early childhood as his coach, Géza Pátrovics and his father have a good friendship.

„When I saw the 7-year-old, slightly overweight Szilárd on the beach, I asked his parents to bring him down to the local gym when he has reached the age of 10, – starts Mr. Pátrovics. – They have fulfilled my request, that’s how he came to me. The apple didn’t fall far from its tree. His dad was once a professional weightlifter and I saw from the first moment that he also has a gift for the sport.”

He showed much more this year, when he scored three silver medals in his age group among the adolescents in the European Championship in Sweden this summer. The lead-weight competitor of the Municipal Sports Association of Kazincbarcika (Kazincbarcikai VSE) could only have felt slightly beaten by not reaching 122kg in snatch. However, the leadership inspired him with confidence allowing him to continue to compete with the juniors and U23’s in the European Championship in Klaipėda.

Among the elders he closed at the end of the competition of course, however he set a European Record in his age group with 272kg. (Snatch: 122kg, Clean & Jerk: 150kg).

„I am very happy that I was given one more chance to break record – says Szilárd – I didn’t feel the pressure that I have to lift that weight. I don’t normally stress during competitions, that never helps, I always try to stay as calm as possible.”

According to Mr. Pátrovics he could not reach the European Record in his age class only due to a minor technical error, in other words: they knew he has the potential in him.

„It is also good to work with him, because he’s continuously improving and to top it all, he’s a smart, respectful young man who always wants to better himself. His idol is Péter Nagy, it means a lot to him that he got one of his used jerseys as a gift from Péter Nagy himself. Besides the sports, education is important for him, too.”

In school, it’s not just him who pays attention, people pay attention to him, too. Even though, he is 190cm tall and has a weight of 140kg, he’s a great dancer. He proves that during the breaks between the classes.
„I invent my own choreographies and sometimes the others start to follow me. I feel good when I dance, I relax. Although, I never went to dance school I feel like I would even open one later.”

But first, he has work to be done with the weights. According to his coach he can make it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. „Only” 5 years and lifting a few thousand tonnes stand between that.

Source: www.utanpotlassport.hu, www.xlsport.hu

EWC: Szilárd Holló broke European Record in snatch

Szilárd Holló broke European Record in snatch at the European Youth Weightlifting Championship in Lithuania.

According to the report of the national association on Wednesday the lead-weight competitor, who entered at the age of 15 among the 20-year-olds at the European Championship in Klaipėda, improved his best result from 121kg to 122kg. He achieved 150kg in Clean & Jerk, thus with a combined 272kg he set the European Record of his age group.

The athlete of the Municipal Sports Association of Kazincbarcika (Kazincbarcikai VSE)is the first Hungarian weightlifter who was able to achieve a European Youth Record.

Szilárd Holló scored three silver medals in August at the European Youth Weightlifting Championship in Sweden.

Source: www.origo.hu, www.nemzetisport.hu