Válasszon nyelvet:
My name is Szilárd Holló and I am a junior athlete. I live in Kazincbarcika (Hungary) and study in the Szalézi Szent Ferenc High School. I am a member of the local weightlifting club, lead by Coach Géza Pátrovics.

My road to become a weightlifter wasn't so smooth. I have tried and competed in other sports (e.g. wrestling, swimming) until I got to my favourite pursuit, weightlifting.

At first I wasn't keen on doing it, but thanks to the perseverence and the continuous achievements it didn't take long for this sport to be very close to my heart and to be a very significant chapter of my life.

About me and the sport: I started 7 years ago (2010), but compete professionally only for the last 5-6 years (2011-2012). I am a member of the Hungarian weightlifting team since 2015. My first international competition dates back to this time. Since then, I had the luck to take part in my 5th international competition and I hope that this number will just grow with time.
I am proud of my achievements which include many national 1st places, one European Championship 2nd place and one World Championship 8th place.

After school I like to spend most of my time in the weightlifting club in Kazincbarcika where Head coach Géza Pátrovics prepares me for my upcoming competitions. I'm glad that I can develop under his hands for all these years.

In addition to sports, there are a lot of other things I like to do. This includes photography and filming (of course only on a hobby level). If I have a little time, video games and reading are what I do for relaxation. And if energy is associated with leisure, then dance is what I like to do most.

For me inaction is an unknown term.